Logic Pro 9 Can I copy a mixer's state at a certain point in time, and apply it elsewhere ?

Title says it all...

More precisely

ON an extarnal hard disk I had a songfile with 15 multitrack songs recorded the same day. In a first stage I started mixing in that original songfile, concentrating on songs #3 & #4, which I first thought should be treated about the same way.

Then, I copied that original songfile twice, renamed it #3 and #4, deleted the irrelevant audiofiles in each song's bin, and saved them as two projects on my MBP's internal HD so I could work anywhere.

Then each song went its own way; they now sound quite different from each other.

What I'd like to do now is copy a state of song #3's mixer at a certain point in time and paste it at a certain other point in time in song #4, temporarily bypassing its original automation and settings, just for checking purposes.

Since the disposition of the tracks is the same in both songs, I tried "copy audio configuration" which gave me extremely bizarre results... searching "copy mixer" in the manual gave zero results... So before pulling more hair I thought I'd better ask around first : how can I do that ?

Pursuing the idea... I would love it if Logic would enable me to switch not only between different "mixer states", but between distinct "master mixer tracks", complete with automation movements. The switches could be recorded and edited; you could choose to make them happen instantly, or gradually (morphing). Maybe it's all there already - with Logic you never know 🙂

Thanks for any info.
Like "mixer snapshots"? Yes, that would be great to have in Logic.

I think I would like it to also offer a "quantization" setting for the musical time (bars, beats) from where each parameter's value shall start to glide towards the new value, given by the pasted snapshot. This Snapshot Quantization value should also apply to from where the pasted snapshot value of any parameter will start gliding towards the next following - already recorded - value.

I actually have a little application with a mixer that works like this: Logelloop. "Pitch" is one of the parameters this mixer works with and it's especially fun to use a glide factor for that when applying mixer snapshots (called "presets" in this app).

Oh well, got a bit OT there. No answer to the initial issue I guess, just the usual dreaming about "better tools". In your particular situation it might be helpful to make temporary audio mixes of each version and then load them all into the arrange window to use cutting and pasting to work out the best musical ideas. You may even discover new cool ways of mixing by using audio cross fade between those snippets!
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