Logic Pro 9 can i disable the "click to open plugin interface" popup in 64bit mode?


obviously if i double click on the plugin box...i want to see the plugin. its sooooo annoying having to click something else, to confirm what i already clicked once. it reminds me of something windows would nag about. any way to change this?
Either work in 32 bit Mode, or use 64 bit plugins. It is not possible to run 32 bit Plugins directly in 64 bit Logic, which is why Apple developed the 32 bit Audio Unit Bridge to allow the use of 32 bit Plugins ( I presume this is what you are referring to as a "pop up"). "Bridge" is an appropriate term - it bridges the period of time until 3rd party AU developers release 64 bit versions of their Plugins, and of course will allow the possibility to continue to use discontinued plugins, such as NI's pro 53, which will never be 64 bit.

Have you contacted the developers of those 32 bit Plugins you use and asked them when they will release 64 bit Updates?

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