Logic Pro 9 Can I loc the automation data and tempo changes to smpte?

Uwe Rodi

I´m working on filmscore. Now I made two parts in the middle of the film.
Next I want to work at the beginning of the film and have to make a tempo change there. I´ve locked my regions (Audio and Midi) to smpte but when I make the tempo change all my automation data is at the wrong place.
I tried to move all track automation data to region but the problem is, that I also have automation data on Bus-Tracks which do not have any region.

Next step was to select every Bus Track (one after the other), open the Automation Event List, select mall events and lock them. Now the automation data moves at the wright position but the tempo changes later in the score don´t. Same problem with signature changes.

Greetings Uwe


As much as I love Logic, this isn't its strength. If I were in your position, I would make a new song file for the beginning of the film, and when it comes time to lay off to picture, do it in two passes. It will end up being much less hassle than trying to compose the beginning without disturbing tracks later on in the score.

When you think about it, tempo changes can't be made at the beginning of the score without changing the position of tempo changes later on, as you are shortening or lengthening the time between the beginning of the film and the tempo changes in the middle. Your only option would be to (for example) speed up the tempo at the beginning of the film, then sloooooow doowwwn one bar before the middle section to a ridiculously slow tempo to take up that extra time you lost when your first (example again) 100 bars took up only one minute instead of 1:20.


Hi Uwe,

I feel for you, there is no elegant way of doing it that I know of.

One thing you could try is putting dummy MIDI regions on your bus tracks so that you can move your track based automation data to region based data, and have it move the same way your other parts are.

What if you put a dummy tempo event after your first cue, lock every thing to smpte from that point on; and then introduce your tempo change prior to the "dummy" tempo change event.

Doug Zangar

Unfortunately tempo events can't be locked (Apple, feature request here....) so you always have to work from left to right, going backwards is potential for disaster, as you've discovered......

I tend to do a project per cue when I work on video. Saves a lot of tempo change hassles...... I'd consider creating a new project for the beginning of the your film.

You can also follow Eli's advice if you have a spot in the film where there is no music, or perhaps a long hold - you can create a tempo change there that slows or speeds up the tempo as needed so your next tempo change is at the right spot.

Uwe Rodi

Hi together,
thanks for your answers even if it helps me not really but it seems to be a thing for future versions of our "loved" logic
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little late, but helpful

Hey man, to anyone still trying to solve this... i figured out a surefire way to do it... not sure if its orthodox or not but it worked for me.

Basically just drop down your tempo automation from the global tracks list at the top... (not sure if necessary, but i did it just to make sure, and then you can see it.)
Then just click "command A" to select all, and if all went according to plan, your tempo changes (in automate form) have been selected too.

No drag your entire arrangement, complete with tempo, and signature changes etc the amount of measures you need to insert and work with and waBAM youre all set! :D

sorry this is 9203 months later, but i figured SOMEONE somewhere down the line will read this and benefit!