Logic Pro 8 Can I lock the Bar Ruler?

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I prefer to have the Bar Ruler in Bar/Time mode. Yet every time I navigate away from the Arrange window, it reverts to Bar mode and I have to switch it back. Every time. That is a powerful lot of switching back and forth which not only messes with my workflow, but has become a serious peeve.

Is there any way to a.) lock the Bar Ruler in a particular mode for a session or b.) set the default Bar Ruler to show a particular mode?
You just have to lock your screen set. It will stay locked. If you do t then it'll always to back to how it was before.

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If you're using screen sets then unlock the screen set, set your ruler preference then lock the ss again.

I'm guessing this might be your issue. You might want to do this to your blank startup template as well
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