Logic Pro 8 Can I process individual samples in Logic 8?

Paul Zimmer


Is there any way to process individual samples with AUs in Logic as opposed to bouncing them on a "per track" basis? I have a large amount of regions on the Logic arrange page, which I would like to be able to quickly process with a couple of AUs, and save out as individual samples. The quickest way I can think of doing this in Logic is to bounce the track containing the separate regions, drag the newly created continuous long sample back to the arrange page, set locators by the original regions, then split the new track into regions by locators one-by-one, convert the new regions to audio files and then rename all new samples by hand. This seems horrendously laborious, but can anyone think of a better way? (I thought that Waveburner might save me here; but to bounce the regions this way a separate "Region Plug-in" has to be created for each and every region - as laborious as the Logic method - and if I add the AUs on the "Mix Plug-in" tab, it does not take effect when bouncing regions!)
Thanks in advance for any clever tips...

edit: I just discovered "export region as audio file", which I thought was the solution, but this only seems to work when selecting one region at a time...

Hi Paul,

This doesn't really answer your question, but the new bounce in place feature in Logic 9 would help make this process relatively painless. You still have to do them one at a time. But it would still be much quicker. 3 quick steps and your done:

1. select the region
2. set locators by object
3. bounce in place

You're done!
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Hi Eli,

Thanks for the info. That is useful to know, because it's a feature I need a lot, so it might tilt me towards Logic 9 a bit quicker :)

edit: Eli, can you select multiple regions for this operation, by the way?

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I'm not in front of Logic 9 right now so can't test it. But, no I don't think so. If you select multiple regions, I think it will bounce it down to a single long new file. But I'd have to double check to confirm for sure......
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Hi Paul,

Okay - just did a test. There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that no, you can't do multiple regions at once. It bounces them all to one contiguous file.

The good news is that there's one less step involved than I originally thought. You don't need to set the locators. All you need to do is select the region and then hit the key command (control B by default) and it will bounce the region in place.

So, you can basically fly through the process by using your right arrow key to select the next region and then the bounce in place key command. There is a dialog box that comes up to set some of the bounce in place behavior. But after you set it once, just hit enter to dismiss it.

So, your workflow would be:

right arrow key
control B
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