Logic Pro 9 Can I send a 'complete' signal back to a controller?

I'm tryin to build a custom controller for Logic 9. I'm lookin for a way that the controller can know when Logic is finished with something. Like if I wanted to freeze a track, is there any way Logic can send a midi signal to my custom controller (in another room) to tell it when the freeze is complete? Only other way I can imagine is by watching the CPU load with the controller software. Thanks for any help.

Peter Ostry

Staff member
I do not know if there is a "ready with freezing" feedback from Logic to a controller. Maybe you can use automation:

When you start the freezing process, Logic jumps to the first measure, runs to the end of the song and jumps back to the position where you started. And the automation sends events during freezing. You could insert an automation event right before the end of the song which tells you that freezing is finished. Of course you get this event every time you reach the end of the song. You have to handle this in your software.

However, observing the freezing process is an unusual job for a controller. What for is that? Wouldn't it be easier to use a remote desktop application and another computer?
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