Logic Pro (X) Can I set global midi cycle recording preferences?


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The only way I want to ever record MIDI in cycle mode is to create individual takes with all previous takes muted. I know how to achieve this setting, but I don't know of a way to set this preference globally. I know I could apply this setting and create a template so that all future projects are set put his way, but I would very much like to have all my existing projects set up this way without having to manually change each of their preferences. Thanks!
Preferences are Global.
Settings are per Project.
Making that distinction was a point of confusion for me when I first started using Logic.

So your options are to:
1. Create your Template for new projects
2. For existing projects: open the project, make the setting, then Save so you're good to go the next time you work on the project.

On a side note, File>Project Settings>Import Project Settings will allow you import much more than just the Record settings in one operation.
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