Logic Pro 9 Can I uninstall Logic without removing Jam Packs


Hi All,
For reasons I wont bore you all with I want to uninstall L8 and my L9 upgrade and re-install L9. I don't want to sit at my mac for hours feeding it Jam Pack disks all over again, so my question is:

Can I leave all the Jam packs installed on the mac HD (In /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/etc...) and if I do this is the new Logic installer 'smart' enough to 'go and get them' and install them in the Logic 9 Loop browser or do I have to re-install the JPs all over again? And will the same apply to all my instrument and effect Audio Units - i.e. will Logic re-scan and 'import' them (import maybe not the right word, integrate is better!)

Thank you in advance!


I was conservative and just moved Logic 9.01 and Node apps to the trash without emptying, then just installed the Logic 9 app minimal custom install, as described in that link, and Logic found everything as before, so I didn't mess with my Jam Packs or AU plugs. Everything worked normally, although I haven't checked Loops. I think all directories remained golden following the Apple support method. Not sure what that link you found was, but I didn't need anything that complex to reinstall Logic 9. My problem was in the 9.01 app, so that's what I had to replace with the previous system which I had on DVD. Piece of cake, for a change....
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