Logic Pro 7 & earlier Can Logic 5.5.1 use VSTi


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I've only ever used Logic for midi as my requirement is primarily for the production of printed scores and parts for a big band. My sound modules are very old now and are beginning to be a unreliable. I thought of using sampled sound for playback, GPO4 for instance.
Is this possible in Logic 5.5.1 ?
As an alternative I suppose I could always buy an Edirol sd-20 but it wouldn't ge me to the better playback sounds I'd like to have !
Any help or info appreciated


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I used a variety of VSTs on my old Win XP PC based around LAWP 5.5.1, back then (2002 - 2004) including Waves Gold, UAD and Powercore PCI cards, Sonalksis, Elemental Audio, various NI Instruments and a few more. They worked well with Logic 5.5.1

Oh, and of course the delay lama :D

kind regards

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