Logic Pro 8 Can Logic be used as a live sequencer?


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I have recently bought an Akai MPD 24 thinking that I could use it to manipulate effect parameters in Logic on the fly. I have been struggling to find a way to do this. Is it possible? I have a demo version of Ableton Live 7 which I found very easy to use and to do this sort of thing.
I'm not familiar specifically with the Akai MPD 24, but I'm pretty sure using the controller assignments section of Logic should give you what you want. This is exactly what it's designed for - using control surfaces to control things like plug in parameters. Check it out.....
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Great. I will give it a shot. I've managed to sync the play/record/stop etc buttons up using the "listen to MMC" function in the project settings but it's just controlling effect parameters I haven't cracked yet. I thought I would join a forum as I have spent hours working on a mix thinking that I would be able to control effects on the fly and wasn't having any joy working out how to do it.
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While I haven't checked I'm guessing that the Akai, like MOST other control surfaces/ controllers does not have it's own drivers to communicate with the control surface layer of Logic (or other programs). What this means is that it just sends out "blind" midi messages and Logic just sees them as such. Most people don't realise this lack of functionality when they're shopping. At the cheaper end of the market one of the few brands that does offer driver support are the Novation products.

To map those Akai messages in some organised way to the desired functions in Logic requires you to get messy with the "Controller Assignments" section of Logic. Once you've done this you'll be able to control what you desire within the program - but it's messy to set up and if Logic ever crashes which it will do eventually you stand a good chance of loosing all the assignments you made.

A far more elegant solution is to get a program called LC Xmu <opuslocus.com>

What this does is make Logic and other programs think you have a Mackie Control connected. Mackie control protocol is the most supported control surface language on the planet. LC Xmu maps your controller's midi controls into a usable set of controls for logic and it doesn't forget those mappings even if your mac crashes. It's a very good investment if you're serious about remote midi control of Logic for any purpose.

Good luck.
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