Logic Pro 9 can someone please tell me what this means?

Hi everyone,

This is in logic 64bit, with a Euphonix MCcontrol connected thru the latest version of Eucon. The issue that I'm finding is that randomly while banking in 4s between the active tracks, one of the tracks will become highlighted purple on the far left side of the edit window:


When it does this, the fader on the mccontrol won't edit automation anymore.

I'm really confused about what's going on here. It seems to always happen to track 14, if I drag that track into another slot, it works fine, but track 14 always has this issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I can't find anything in the manual. Thank you.
If you mean the very thin line on 4 of the tracks, that is to let you know which tracks the controller "sees" at that time. As you go up and down you should see that move as well.

As for track 14, are you sure you don't have any automation or sysex data recorded on that track> Open your event list editor while track 14 is selected, and you should be able to get a clear idea if there is anything going on, but be sure you disable any of your data filters (the 6 buttons at the top that say midi, system, etc.
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Yeah, that's what is confusing me. I'm used to the four indicator lines showing what Bank is selected. The thing that gets me is why this one is a different color, and why everything stops working on it when it is.

I'll check what you mentioned, though. Thanks very much.
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this may sound stupid.... but does it turn purple when selected?

i ran into an issue with my tascam us2400 when i had it.... it would change the automation mode sometimes when i touched a fader on the tascam (logic would change from read, to write, or one of the other automation options) which wouldnt let me write in automation with the mouse, it would only mirror what i was doing with the physical fader on the tascam. maybe its something simple like that?
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I think it's a bug of some kind. I'm a tech with OBEDIA, we run the tech support for Euphonix, and no one's really seen this. The fader basically loses focus from the channel strip, without rhyme or reason. I'm a longtime Logic user and I haven't seen this before ;/

I've asked the client to try things in 32 bit mode and see if it happens again. I'm pretty sure it's bug related, because I don't see anything weird in the event list, nor the environment, and there's not much to configure for the EX hardware in Logic.

Thanks for the input guys. I'll let you know if I see anything else.
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