Logic Pro 8 Can you convert a midi region recorded without regard for tempo to its proper tempo?


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I am new here, and am hoping to deepen my understanding of Logic beyond the basics I've used for quite some time.

So, when inspiration strikes, I find myself recording midi tracks without regard for the tempo of the project I'm in. I will be noodling around with an instrument, and I discover a whole different groove, so of course I record it without the current project's click track so as to not lose the muse. Of course, quite often I get swept up, and before I know it, I've layered on additional accompanying tracks, none of which are locked to any accurate grid timing or tempo.

Is there any tricks to convert a recorded midi region into the appropriate grid alignment of the tempo at which I intended for it when I recorded it?

I tried manually adjusting each note, and it is a real beast of a chore. There must be an easier way! Thanks very much!


Check out the Beat Mapping function in the Global Tracks. It can create tempo changes to preserve the feel of your performance. Kind of the opposite of what you are asking, but might be closer to what you want? You can identify which notes you want as the downbeat ( or other beats) and Logic calculates the necessary tempo changes for you while leaving your performance intact.

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Thanks for the response, Eli!

Haha, yes, I suppose it is he opposite of what I am looking for, but somewhat similar.

I'm not too familiar with the Transform function. I know that it is used for various midi data crunching, but can it achieve the feat that I desire?

The type of calculation I am looking for would the relation of midi data at a given tempo and transforming the same relationship at a different tempo.

They say that if you can dream it, you can build it, but I'm sure I can't be the first person who sought such a midi function. Hmmm
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