Logic Pro (X) Cannot delete audio unit


For years, every time I start Logic Pro I get a message
Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 11.25.40 PM.png

I have tried in the past to locate it but I cannot. Well, I guess I can locate it within Logic Pro, but I cannot delete it.
Screen Shot 2023-08-20 at 8.44.06 PM.png

What is not shown here in the screen shot, is the little box when I right click on it that says 'Remove'. Only 'Remove' is grayed out. Somehow the name of the audio unit is deleted too, so I can't find it in the Library.
I just thought life would be just a little bit nicer if I could eliminate this daily problem.
Thanks in advance.
I assume you want to remove the software completely.

The name of the plugin is
MIDI Guitar.component
MIDI Guitar 2.component

Use a File Search utility and delete anything obviously related to the MIDI Guitar Software and JamOrigin. First delete the 'JamOrigin' folder, then not much will be left.

In Detail:

Close Logic.
Remove the Plugin from your ’Components’ folder.
If there are also VST, VST3 or AAX versions, delete them from their respective folders.

Delete the folder
<user>/Library/Application Support/JamOrigin

Check your application folder. If the MIDI Guitar standalone app is still installed, delete it.

Restart the Mac or at least logout/login.
Then start Logic, the plugin should be gone.
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