Logic Pro 9 cannot hear or see audio input in PLAY

Normally, when I have rhythm tracks recorded, and i want to practice a guitar input to another audio track, I record-enable the empty audio track and hit play. I can then hear the new input without recording it. On a song I am now making, I cannot hear or see any input (in channel inspector) when I do this; only when I record can I see and hear the sound. To practice I have to keep deleting inputs this way.

I am going directly into a M Audio Mobile Pre interface, then into input 1 of the audio track. It has always worked before. Any ideas why this might be happening? Sometimes I have noticed that in the play mode, only one speaker (or earphone is sounding) versus normal 2, but this is not a problem, because record always comes out in both speakers.


Doug Zangar

Do you have auto input monitoring on? Options>Audio. Uncheck it.

Also, I tend to use the input monitoring button on the channel strip rather than arm the track. Just a personal choice.


Just to rule out the unlikely (but possible): Make sure software monitoring is enabled in your Audio preferences.
Thanks Doug and Eli,

Software monitoring was already checked. Turning off the auto input monitoring under options>audio did the trick. Don't know how it got checked ('twernt I). Doug, I do not see an input monitoring button in my channel strip. i/O input is set to input 1 and stereo out.


Thanks again. When I activate monitoring that way I get both channels coming through to my monitor speakers. Without it I get one channel (sometimes). I have Logic Express 9.1.8.

John Thompson

Doug Zangar

You're welcome...

get both channels coming through to my monitor speakers
I don't quite understand your statement - this is what should happen, unless you have the channel strip output panned left or right. How is this considered a negative?
Not a problem. Monitoring works I just was offering an observation that I sometimes get a single channel through to speakers without activating it, but not always. Sorry for the confusion.