Logic Pro X Cannot insert notes on score

I have a mapped drum score that I have been inserting notes on manually. I added a couple more voices to the setup for triangle and bell tree, and I now cannot insert any more notes. When I hold the command key and click the mouse, I get a note appear at the tool tip, plus a message that says 'Insert note'. However, the note will not insert! Does anyone know what has caused this?
You can try this....
Open your drum staff style...
click the right most + ( drum group)
add another drum group and select one of the groups from the drop down until your note you are missing - appears.

If that doesn't work then you will have to use a mapped multi instrument to define your note.
I don't think you understand what I am saying. The problem is not that I cannot see the note, but that it does not insert into the track! As I hold the command key and then click-hold the left mouse button, the note appears at the end of the tool tip. I can move the note all around the score, but it will not insert. When I let go of the mouse, the note disappears, but it is not to be found in the event list at all. The only way I can get a note to inset is by using the Piano Roll Editor, but I find that method very cumbersome.
zip your project and send it logicprose@icloud.com - list which note are you trying to insert? i.e. Bb2 or C#5

Are you using 10.4? ( there is an issue with 10.4 that you could be seeing )

Is this your problem ? If not and you are using 10.4 - we need to go in a different direction.

drum issue.gif
You have a corrupted staff style.... It is the Btree entry - likely due to something with the mapped multi....
To correct - open the #drum staff style and select the Btree entry in the drum group - change it to something else - then change it back - the score should now allow you to enter notes.....

no note entry Drums.gif