Logic Pro X Cannot turn on automation, what am I missing?


Hello everyone, hope you are all staying safe as you can ... i'm trying to edit volume/pan/mod' etc automation in a project originally made around 2003, and then I see I have tweaked a few things in 2013, and now I want to revisit, redo some tracks, and remix. The problem I have is simply that i am unable to see the automation within the regions .. it has gone dark, no automation lines to be seen. I am sure I have met this before, it is to do with a default setting in LPX, but damned if I can see how to turn automation on again.

Grateful for any help here.. :)


Try this - click 'A' to reveal automation. To the right of M S R buttons you'll see a blue button. If it say Region, click on it to toggle it to Track.