Logic Pro 9 can't delete audio files


I have been using my mac pro with logic almost daily with any problems for years, but now I am in trouble. I am not a beginner:) I have lots of disk space and memory and have not had any problems before, but suddenly Logic has become extremely slow and freezes all the time. If I try to delete an audio file it freezes, if I try to open certain songs the same things happens, if I try to make an audio recording or bounce there is alos a very long delay before it starts. I havent changed any settings...

I have repaired permissions, tried a new user account and rebooted several times.

any ideas?


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Please provide more information about your system.
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here is my setup:
OSX 10.5.8, 2x2.66 GHZ Quad Core, 16GB memory
Logic Pro 9.1.3,
Fireface 400 Firewire
Lots of plug ins incl Psp, Waves, URS, Sonalksis etc. Latest updates are from Psp

Before the problems started I was loading and EXS24 preset in which one audio sample was not found but I loaded it anyway and it worked but after I had closed and saved the song I could not open the latest version and had to revert to an older version. But my problems are not just with this song, i have tried creating new songs and the same problems are still present. I have not yet deleted Logic Pro and re-installed though.

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more info

In the audio bin I can cut and paste within a selected file and even move it to another place but as soon as I hit "delete audio file" Logic Freezes and I will have to force quit it.... I have tested using another hard disk but there is no difference.
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