Logic Pro 9 Can't find Kontakt in plug-in list


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I just bought my first set of plug-ins from Sample Logic and I'm already stuck. I installed everything onto Kontakt player and it sounds great as a standalone player. But I can't seem to find Native Instruments/Kontakt in the AU Instruments plug-ins area in Logic. I know (once it's there) the command chain is something like:

AU Instruments > Native Instruments > Kontakt Player 3.

But the only thing in that area says "Apple."

Kontakt is checked in the Audio Units preferences. i re-scanned it again. the thing is, there are a couple things listed there (including Kontakt) where the "nodes" box isn't checked. It's actually grey and un-checkable. Those are all the AU's that are not listed in the plug in folder, too. does that help pinpoint? i couldn't figure out how to un-install Kontakt (and try again) so I re-installed Kontakt again. This probably didn't help. Any troubleshooting help?

Thanks from a newbie!!

Hi Jeff,

The "nodes" are plug-ins that you can use a second computer over a network to run on... VI's can't, only FX AU's.

As for kontakt, you are making an instrument track and selecting kontakt from the insert/slot just below the letters I/O right ;-). this where an instrument in instantiated from, the inserts are for FX, eq, ect.

Hope that helps,

George Leger III
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