Logic Pro (X) Can't find Studio Horns and Strings control panel


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Hi everyone – just joined this group to ask this question which is probably something really simple that I'm missing. I'm trying out Studio Horns for a track I'm working on and every tutorial shows a control panel for the instrument settings that I cannot find in Logic Pro X (10.5.1).

I've seen many videos where you click on the horn section name in channel strip and these controls pop right up. I'm talking about the panel top-right in the image linked here:

But whenever I click on that name I just get a long menu of channel strip options, as if I had right-clicked (see screen grabs). I have no other problems with left or right-clicking. Same thing happens with Studio Strings and other software instruments. I'm new to that part of Logic as I’ve previously used just the Drummer and audio recording.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Thanks in advance.
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It looks like you are loading preset patches containing studio horns from the Library over on the far left of the main window. That is fine, nothing wrong with that approach, but the following might also be worth trying:

Create a new software instrument track - simply press the + button just above the tracks header area. This will create a new software instrument track. Then, either use the single channel strip down in the bottom left hand corner, or open the mixer (Key Command X). Look for the instrument insert in the channel strip. Pressing it will open a menu of all the available instruments. Choose studio horns. This will open the UI of the studio horns instrument.

Once you are familiar with that, you can go back to using the library. Just bear in mind that many patches in the library are quite complex, they consist of several channel strips in a track stack. In order to find the instrument you need to open the track stack.


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Thanks for that clear explanation, Mark. Starting with a new track I can now find the Studio Horns user interface from both the channel strip and the mixer. And with one of the library patches loaded (Funkhouse was my original preference) I can get to the same UI from the mixer.
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