Logic Pro 9 Can't get my DD-65 drum to work in Logic


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I'm fairly new to digital audio, so please bear with me. I've been trying to trouble-shoot this for a long time.

MacBook Pro 10.6.2 connected to...
External Glyph firewire drive connected to...
Apogee Duet (using for 2 mic inputs)
CME U-Key Mobiletone USB keyboard controller connected to the Mac
Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drum connected to the U-Key via MIDI

My objective is to record the two audio lines in from the Duet, plus the MIDI in from the keyboard, and the MIDI in from the drum.

I have no problem recording MIDI from the keyboard (using it to trigger Logic Library sounds). I don't change any Logic default settings. I create a new software instrument track. I assign a library instrument to the track, hit Record, and play the keyboard. It all works as I would expect. (I'd also like to record the MIDI directly from the U-Key without assigning a Logic library instrument, and could use some pointers).

My problem is trying to record the DD-65 MIDI signal. No matter how I've configured Logic, or how I've connected the devices, the general result I get is one drum note every few seconds -- at best.

Based on various suggestions, I've set the track to MIDI channel 10, I've disabled quantization, I've tried separating MIDI channels by event, and so on. I've tried connecting the drum directly to the Mac via MIDI-to-USB cable, and I've tried connecting it through the keyboard's MIDI port(s). It's clear to me that there is either something very fundamental I'm not doing in my hardware/software configuration, or there's something wrong with the way the drum is sending out MIDI.*

* MIDI Monitor indicates that there are several "Count" signals sent from the drum in between every "Active Sense" signal. However, the keyboard sends out only "Active Sense" signals and no "Count" signals. Since the keyboard seems to operate correctly with Logic, I can only guess that the drum's "Count" signals may be symptomatic of the problem?

Any thoughts?
Here's the latest response from Yamaha:

"You may need to turn on some midi filters in Logic. Let them know what is going on and they can tell you which ones to turn on . Maybe a SYSEX or Control Change filter. If the DD65 is both transmitting and Receiving midi, then any other unwanted signal would have to be controlled by the DAW."

Is anyone familiar with MIDI filters in Logic?
What do I do to get a response from Apple?
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Same Problem


I have just purchased a DD65 and have exactly the same problem. I am running mine into a projectmix, and the midi input light on there on triggers every few seconds. I have tired with a keyboard and there are no issues.

I cant seem to find any solution at all to this?

Did you manage to solve the problem at all?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Don't Remember


This happened so long ago I honestly no longer remember how it was resolved. I'm pretty sure it was a change of settings in Logic, but I'll be damned if I remember what it was. I'm very sorry.

My suggestion is to try to get some support from the Apple Logic folks.
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