Logic Pro 9 Can't hear drum loop


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I know this is a really stupid question, but I've been on Logic 9 for two weeks, so I'm a nube. I decided to add a drum loop mid-song, so I dragged the loop (like I've done before and earlier in this track) yet I can't hear this new loop. I try adding it to differing types of tracks, but to no avail. It doesn't make sense to me because I've recorded several songs already and never had issues with adding a loop. Any suggestions on what could be the problem this time?
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One cause of this problem is placing a blue (audio) Apple Loop on on a track that has a software instrument channel strip.
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I decided to add a drum loop mid-song

Under "mid-song" do you mean you have added some SMF (Standard Midi File) region? If yes one reason can be that the midi notes do not match the drum instrument pads of the Audio Instrument which must produce the sound - i.e they trigger empty note keys where no sample is loaded.
Open that region in piano roll or event list and see what's going on. In such scenario the midi notes must be custom re-mapped to the target instrument pads you prefer etc.
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I tried creating a new track for the new loop, but I still can't hear it. Would it have anything to do with the tempo change I set for that location?
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