Logic Pro 8 can't hear original sound from .mov file in logic.....why?


Dear Logic Experts....

i'm using logic 8.0.2 and have just loaded a film into a project.

i went to option - movie - open movie.

regretfully there is no sound. what am i doing wrong? I can't hear any of the dialogue.

i thought that maybe it was something to do with the .mov file...so i loaded up another .mov file (both of which have sound in them when i open the file up with quicktime)....but this other .mov file is also completly silent when loaded up in logic.

what can i do so that i can hear the origninal sound from the .mov file in logic?

many thanks!!! :))))))



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Just check movie volume, you can modify it in the video window or in video settings.
You can also import audio movie track if you want to edit it:
File/Import Audio from Movie