Logic Pro 9 Can't quantize in Piano Roll


working on a transcription from audio to MIDI with a number of tempo changes and I play the MIDI transcription in - which results in some off-grid timings some of which which I'd like to quantize.

when I try to quantize events in the Piano Roll/Matrix I get no response from any of the note events.

What reasons might there be for this?



Could Protecting the Position of Events be involved?
Also could you please be more precise regarding the audio to midi conversion and the quantization technique used in the Piano Roll editor? Have you moved or copied the (resulted) MIDI region to another MIDI track?


Hi Atlas, thanks for your response.
The region is not locked.
I have a Pat Metheny MP3 which I want to re-arrange.
The first step is to create a MIDI 'bed' based on the original.
In addition the client wants to match the guitar patterns.
1. Insert MP3 into new song
2. tempo map manually ( there's a lot of rubato)
3. create a piano instrument track
4. cycling 1,2, or more bars, I play a close match onto the piano track.
5. create a score

to do this I need to reduce the events to sensible notation positions, so a degree of quantisation is useful.

6. perform a new backing track.

I haven't moved or copied the MIDI region from another track, but at step 4 (above) I use 'create take folders' and 'flatten' the region when happy with the outcome.



this problem is now solved.
Under 'Advanced Quantization' in the Inspector, the Quantize strength was set to zero!
Now to search my Key Commands to find if there's one that will do this - else I can't figure out how else that could have been set.

'Advanced Quantization' is not a place I ever visit.

wanders off... scratching head....

thanks again, Atlas :)