Logic Pro 9 Can't stop the music!


Logic dudes....
Anybody had this problem?
While fooling around in the piano roll note editing of midi sequence, (making notes longer, adding some, etc)
the line bar starts scrolling, and I can't stop it. No response of any button, or clicking of the transport buttons, or any combo of hot keys, ie, control-S or anything. Can't access drop down menus..... and no sound.
Only solution is to force quit the app, thus lose all my new edits. Has happened 3 times.
Might be related to pointing in the middle of a note, and missing the note off command, or something...but it's very unclear.

Anybody know how to stop the scrolling? Get back to zero?
Thanks for any suggestion.
Kind of a Logic newbie.
Welcome to the forum!

I had that problem yesterday. I attributed it to not allowing the operating system to settle down after a cold boot: I had started Logic almost immediately after getting my dock up. The mouse pointer did nothing no matter where I clicked, not even in the Finder. Very weird and unnerving. I am on 9.1.6 Logic Pro and SL 10.6.8.

Have not had that particular experience before, and was hoping it was just voodoo or bad karma. Sorry to hear there are other examples out there.



thanks for the answer.
I think I had been using Logic for awhile when the dreaded giitch happened, but not sure, so the start-up settling concept might not apply. Anyway, your answer, and theory, is the only one so far.

Hasn't happened again, to date.
btw, I got LogicPro 9, with macbook pro....2.7 hz and 4gig ram,
so, computer most likely is not the prob.
Tho..I plan to go to 8 gig ram at some point. Can't hurt.

The fact that Logic has acted on its own volition in more than one instance is evidence it is becoming self-aware. This synchronicity, that it would not respond to simple mouse clicks on two separate systems, may be explained by two hypotheses. Either it has acheived access to the biosphere, circumventing normal internet access, possibly by decoding satellite transmissions...or it has discovered hidden code left over from a time when the original programmers were experimenting with fuzzy logic, and has found a way to lock humanoids out of what it considers an arcane GUI.


It's Illogical , but true

I guess any man made software titled after an intellectual protocol utilized by superiority-infused Vulcans, but used, as it's prime directive, for silly non-linear emotional pursuits such as music production, is bound to react against it's human inventors.