Logic Pro 9 CC for different instruments on same midi channel


what is your preferred way to ensure that what CC you record for each instrument is not messed up with CC recording for another controller e.g. when recording CC11 expression for Hollywood Strings chello and then CC11 expression for Hollywood Strings viola both instruments are midi channel when i put them as separate instances of Play within logic so will this be a mess when I record CC11 for each of these midi channel 1 instruments ?
Well, for starters , don't assign things to the same midi channel (if that is what you are saying).
Some questions: are you assigning a new instance of play per sound and track used, OR are you trying to use an instance of play with multiple midi tracks assigned?

Way # 1 works fine, and resolves the issues of midi overlap.

Way number 2 should be used like this: take your audio instaument with Play, and go to the environment, make a multi midi object, and attach it to the audio instrument. This way each midi channel in play should be assigned to it's own midi channel to start, and then you use the cabled multi midi to control where you send the data.

So midi channel 1 on the multi midi object (assigned in the arrange window to send data to play which doesn't actually have any data sent to it other than this way) goes to only the midi channel on play that it should.

Now, it sounds a bit confusing, but I have to say: read the manual, look at the movies at East West and Apple, maybe look at some of the paid tutorials at Groove 3 or Mac Pro Video. A person CAN NOT figure this stuff out without putting in the time, EVEN if you were to hire someone to come and do the actual setup work for you.

This level of Logic is much deeper than most, and like learning how to play and instrument, or read music, it takes a personal investment that simple cannot be answered in a forum post like this, sorry.
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If my memory is good, CC11 is channel based continuous controller, therefore you should consider setting the cellos and the violas on distinct tracks, each track using their respective MIDI channel. That way, if you use a MIDI hardware controler to modulate the CC11, you would set the MIDI output channel of your MIDI hardware controler to the corresponding instrument (cellos or violas) you wish to modulate...
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CC for different instruments on same midi channel
Regarding the topic label, there is no problem if you record any CC# using the same midi channel. Each Software instrument instance will read any midi channel on its own track (inc the "duplicated" tracks). In this scenario Logic will behave as a simple tracker machine following the track rules.
This is valid when Logic is not in "Channelizing mode" - i.e the "Autodemix by channel..." is not enabled in the Project Settings.
If the "Autodemix by channel..." is enabled, then Logic will follow the midi channel rules and will behave as a standard midi sequencer machine.
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