Logic Pro 9 CC or modulation transform required

Hi Luggers,

I have a client who requires a way to do a scale or modify of modulation data in Logic. We have looked at the Piano Roll Hyper Editor to select the data, and now we need to be able to scale it by a specific amount.

I looked into key commands (Option or control allow one to do some things), but what would be perfect is a transform settings file that could be modified for a specific task.

I gave this a good old LUG try, but was not very successful.

Does anyone have something like this that they might like to share with me (and also the LUG)?

Thanks for your time, back to regular LUG stuff

George Leger III

Almost know it all :)


Hi George,

Would a transform setup like this work? You just need to adjust the values in the scale field in the Operations row to get the scaling you want. Once you establish the ratio of scaling that works for him, you could probably even set up a real time transformer with those settings in the clicks and ports layer, so that all incoming modulation data gets scaled on input.


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Peter Ostry

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Transformer, yes. Try scaling, expression curves, setting a range or draw your own map. You may need more than one transformer depending on the complexity of the processing.
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