Logic Pro 9 CD Tracks Without Markers

Rusty K

Good Day,

I have a CD of tracks (3) with 16 songs. I'd like to break the CD into separate songs i.e. 16 tracks. What's the best way to do that with Logic 9 Express?


Orren Merton

Logic Samurai / Administrator
Staff member
Hi Rusty,

So just to reiterate, do you mean that there are three indexable tracks on this CD, and tucked away in those three tracks, there are 16 songs? I am assuming your ultimate goal is to end up with 16 unique songs, that if re-burned to a CD, would result in 16 indexable tracks.

Between the end of one song and the beginning of another, is there a moment (however short) of silence? In other words, if for example track 1 was 10 minutes long and had 5 songs in it of 2 minutes each, would there be music from 0:00 to 1:58, then two seconds of silence, then music from 2:00 to 4:58, etc? If that is the case, you can very quickly and easily create new songs:
  1. Import a track into Logic's arrange window
  2. Select the audio region in the arrange window
  3. Use the Strip Silence command found in Arrange > Audio > Strip Silence (control x default key command).

This should leave you with a number of audio regions equal to the number of songs within that track. Then you can save each audio region as a new audio file (also in the Arrange > Audio menu) and after doing this for all three CD tracks, you should have your 16 songs as separate files.

Hope that helps!

Rusty K


Thanks...I'm new to Logic and I haven't used the strip silence function yet but that sounds as if it will work. I've got a rehearsal tonight but I'll get to it asap and hopefully report back with success.

Thanks again...

Rusty K


Sorry it took so long to get back. I've got too many things going at one time but I did get to this question today and your suggestion worked perfectly. All I had to do was adjust the min. time to about 3 sec. and it divided all the tracks perfectly.

Thanks again for the help.