Logic Pro X Change all tracks height to same key command


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Hi all,

What is the shortcut to change all tracks to the same height. I've got a big project and I'm adjusting heights all the time to work on diff sections of the track but want a quick way to revert them all to the standard size so I can work on the arrangement.


The default key command in Logic Pro X to reset all tracks to the same default zoom level is Option+Control+Delete.


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Hover the mouse over the line between tracks under the track number. Hold down shift and click. The tracks will all resize .

Doug Zangar

I was just searching the internet for the key command on resizing all tracks to the same size and it brought me here - I didn't know about the Shift drag in the track numbers. Quite nice! (Somehow I hate having the delete key in any key command combination that doesn't actually delete something...)