Logic Pro 9 Change channel strip presets, but keep the same instrument??


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Hello i'm relatively new to logic and still trying to get my head around certain things. some things work great and others i just don't understand the logic.

its great how you can whizz through all the different channel strip settings to audition all the sound combinations.
say i decide on a certain synth or sampler, but then want to carry on changing the different insert and eq presets, i only seem to have to option to totally change the whole strip including the instrument.

is there a way of doing this?
say i have a chopped break in esx24 playing. i just want to audition lots of pre saved inserts settings over the same instrument.

any help appreciated:brkwl::)

Peter Ostry

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A preset is a particular combination of effects and instrument. So the answer is no, you cannot change only a part of a preset. But you can save your own channelstrip presets with any effects and instruments you like.

Colin Shapiro

I remember way back when you couldn't load or save channel strips. Members of this group kept sending in feature requests and finally, we got the ability to do so.

I'd suggest that you write to Apple with your explanation as above and request this function.

Who knows...maybe in Logic 10....?


To my opinion there are at least two workaround methods...

Method 1

Keep your Instrument channel loaded with the given instrument and set the channel strip output to any Bus (Aux) instead of "Stereo Output" etc.
Move (hold Option key) and drag the FX plugins onto the Aux channel. Save the CS preset of the Aux channel. Use to save presets as Aux CS ones, so you can change the CS presets any time without affecting the Instrument cause it is loaded on other channel.

Method 2

It is a bit complicated - I have invented this trick some time ago and gave it a name "A.I - A.T cross FX chain Tip"

Open the Finder and browse to:

/Users/useraccount/Library/Application Support/Logic/Channel Strip Settings

1. Select the Track folder (Fig.1) below, click it (hold your mouse click down), hold Option + Command computer keys and drag the Track folder onto the Instrument folder to create an Alias folder. Open the Instrument folder to check up if there is an alias folder of the "Track" folder (Fig.2).
2. Go one path back to the "Channel Strip Settings" dir and select the Instrument folder, click it (hold mouse) and hold Option + Command computer keys and drag the Instrument folder onto the Track folder to create an Alias folder.

Note: Now you will have cross Alias CS Preset structure - you will be able to select your Instrument CS FX presets on the Audio Tracks and vice versa (Fig.3 & 4) !

3. If you are happy with your current FX chain on the Audio Instrument (A.I) , just save it as Instrument CS (Channel Strip) preset. It does not matter which Instrument is loaded cause you will re-save it later (see step 4 below) as Audio Track (A.T) preset.

4. Go to any empty A.T channel strip and load the A.I FX preset from the Alias folder shown as "Instrument" (Fig.3 below). Cause it is a A.T the instrument can not be loaded. After loading the A.I preset into the A.T channel save the preset as a regular A.T one.
Hint: You can use some abbreviations (A.I for example) for these re-saved "Instrument" presets for example A.I_my_FX_1 to be able to distinguish what is A.T and what is A.I etc.

5. Now you can load any Instrument "re-saved" FX chain preset into the Audio Instr channel strip from the "Track" alias folder (Fig.4) keeping the current instrument loaded.

Have fun :thmbup:


Colin Shapiro

To Tangra:
Did you know that if you hold the Option key when clicking on the Channel strip top slot, you can select strips from all types of channels (ie Audio, Instrument, Master, Aux etc).

That saves you the trouble of the whole alias exercise that you detailed above.


Did you know that if you hold the Option key
Yes, I knew that and before posting the Alias folders steps I tried the trick with the Option key cause I remembered that hint. According my old remembrance I expected to see directly my A.T presets when click (hold Option) of an Instrument CS. Now I just retried and see that everything is shown at the bottom in path structures Audio, Master etc...

Thanks for the clarification ! Obviously I'm getting older...:confused:

Anyway the main idea of Method 2 was the re-save trick or loading non-instrument CS FX chain presets into the Instrument channel which keeps the current loaded Instrument.
Personally I prefer Method 1 for doing that.