Logic Pro Change instrument options as song progresses?


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Hi, I'm trying to create a house song with a TB-303 bassline. To keep it dynamic, I would like the sound of the TB-303 to change as the song progresses; for example, I would change the level of the environment mod. Is there any way for the settings of the instrument to change as the song progresses? I am using Realism Audio Bassline 2, 64-bit, as my TB-303. I am using Logic Pro X.

Marcel :hippy:
Hey Marcel,

The answer is yes, it is possible. What you are looking for is called automation. Check it out in the manual, it's fairly straight forward. You can either draw in the changes in parameter values with the mouse directly in the Tracks Area, or you can move the control on the plug-in in real time as the music is playing and have Logic record your movements.
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