Logic Pro 8 Change of behaviour?

Logic 8.

Not sure how to describe this, but here goes:

when I launched Logic in the past - I could press spacebar and the song would start.

In L8 it won't unless I top a window.

Is this because pre-L8 would always default to a window being topped where L8 waits for me to top one?

I don't know - there's something odd about it. Can anyone help?



Staff member
Yes Peter, window focus has changed from Logic 7 to Logic 8 (and 9).

Takes a bit of getting used to, I'm afraid...

btw, I moved this to the logic area.

kind regards

yes welcome to the weird and wonderful world of window focus.. still get caught even after being on 8 for 2 years..and i still click the red dot to close a plug-in rather than cmd-W.. thats been a hard habit to break.