Changing display focus

Hey guys,

Is there a feature similar to the "tab key focus" for changing display focus? I use two displays and it sure would be great to switch from one to another with one key command.

If your two display are connected to one computer then you don't "switch" between them. OSX treats them as one big screen where you can arrange your windows. The arrangement of the screens is set it the System Preferences and it doesn't matter if you use two or eight displays.

If you have a display connected to multiple computers via a display switch then you actually "switch" the display between computers but this has nothing to do with key focus.
In most OSX applications CMD+< or > moves focus from one window to the next...

So if You put one Arrange window on one screen and a mixer on the other this key combo will move focus between them!

In Safari, too. CMD < or > toggles page reload.
In this text box, it places the cursor at beginning or end of line of text
OK, I see.

When I wrote CMD < & > I didn't mean the arrow keys but rather the keys '<' & '>'. (these are on the left side on my Swedish keyboard)
> In Your case it would be CMD+Shift+, & .

when I tried that in Safari with windows open in each monitor nothing happened

It looks to me like there's a shortcut pref that I must've disabled - any ideas?

In the Key Commands window, under Global Commands, assign the unused Cycle Through Windows command to whatever key or key combo you fancy
i dont see how command < could do anything on a US-en keyboard, because command-, is the default in most apps for show preferences. Cmd-shift-[arrows] changes windows in many OS X apps, as does Cmd-`. In Safari e.g. the former changes tabs and the latter changes windows. In Logic with the US-en default key commands, cmd-shift-arrows is already used for moving the Cycle locators, but Cmd-` does cycle through open windows.