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I bought some MIDI tracks for a song I am trying to learn. The MIDI Files are in the key of Eb (D#) but the song is actually in D, so rather than playing in Eb is there a way for transposing the MIDI tracks into D? I tried changing the project signature but it doesn't seem to affect the loops I have. There are 12 tracks in the MIDI file I bought, including, Drums, Bass, Synth's, Clean/Dirty Guitar, etc. I'd like them all transposed to D.

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot
Since writing this, I've been playing around and searching online. When I looked at the notes, it seems the keys is Eb, although when I look in the global track signatures it says the keys is D. Also when I look in the MIDI regions it says they are in D. I also looked at the Chord Section in the Global Track and Analysed one of the tracks it shows the chords in the track as Eb, G, Eb, Bb, Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb where what I want is D, G, D, A, Bm, G, D, A. e.g. I, IV, I, V, VI, IV, I, V

I'm note sure how to change this in logic and can't seem to find any help that is for Logic Pro 9, so not sure if things have changed or if I'm just not looking in the right place!

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Select all regions on all of your MIDI tracks, then open the Score editor. All notes should be Green indicating that they're selected. (Or with all tracks visible in the Score editor, select one stave, then ⌘ + A to select All.)

Now hold down the Option key while clicking your computer keyboard down arrow. The notes should now look like they're in the key of D because they actually are.
Ok, the chord/note it plays for I though is Eb, whereas I want D. So, I guess I need to drop the note pitches by one half step? Not sure what the best way to do what I want is. Basically the effect I have in the MIDI tracks is if I were to play this song on a Guitar with a Capo on the first fret.

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You could also open a region in the piano roll, select all the notes and drag them down one line (which would be a semi-tone). This would take them from Eb to D.

I wouldn't do this with the drums though, since each drum is mapped to a specific note. The results, I would guess, won't be pretty.



You could also just select the regions in the Arrange Window and use the transpose field in the Region Parameter Box. Transpose down -1 and that should do it. And of course, omit the drums from this.
Thanks, worked a treat and saved me a lot of time!

Just in general, why would the company that sold the MIDI file deliberately play everything up one half step? Is it something to do with copyrights? Easier somehow for the musicians?

Don't get it!

Thanks again - helped a lot.


The fastest transpose method is to select all midi regions in the Arrange (without the drums), open the Transform window and use the "Transpose" template.
Just in general, why would the company that sold the MIDI file deliberately play everything up one half step?
May be the files have been originally designed for Brass or Woodwind instruments something like that...

I select the piano roll then select all regions in the appropriate tracks and then from the Functions Menu in the piano roll, I select Transforms/Transposition which displays a window showing with a lot of controls on it. What parameters do I change to make it D instead of Eb? Do I just leave the menu set on "Add" and set the value to -1?

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Do I just leave the menu set on "Add" and set the value to -1?
This is. Here are the steps - do not mess with Piano Roll at all !
1. Select all regions in Arrange (without the drums)
2. Open the Transform (Command + 4) ->"Transposition" template and set "Add" to -1. Hit "Select & Operate" button.

Explanation: When you select all regions in the Arrange you show the target midi material to be processed. When you hit "Select & Operate" button in the Transform it selects all events inside the selected regions automatically (you do not need to use Piano Roll for that).


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Where to buy tracks?

I'm also new at the Mac & Logic (PC Operator) but I'm intersted in buying tracks for tunes to work with. Where do you buy them?