Logic Pro 9 Changing midi channels?


Hello LUG community,
I'm very new to midi, as I'm sure my question reflects.
I have a FCB1010 and a Mackie Universal Control. Both are using channel 1. I have tried to change the channel on on the FCB using the IFCB interphase software. No luck. Is it possible to change the midi Chanel that the Mackie uses - say from 1 to 2? Is this done within the Logic 9 software?

Thank You for Readin my question.
Is it possible to change the midi Chanel that the Mackie uses - say from 1 to 2?
Logic can not change the midi channel of the hardware devices remotely (unless you have some extra Environment editor which can control the hardware via CC Sys etc). You have to do that in the hardware itself using their preferences, Midi Options or whats else there.

There is another alternative you can try in Logic:
1. Go to the Click & Ports Environment layer and have a look at the physical input if each device is shown as a different port (in the pin lanes).
2. If yes, cut the top "Sum" cable.
3. Patch a separate cable from the FCB pin to the Sequencer Input or to the Input Monitor object.
4. Create a new transformer object, open it and set its "Cha" operation (in the bottom row) to ch.2.
5. Patch cables Mackie pin ->Transformer->Sequencer Input or to the Input Monitor object.
6. Save that song as a project template if plan to use this setup again.

The Mackie midi input path will be transformed into midi channel 2 in this scenario.
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Thanks for your response and useful information. Your alternative seems a bit advance for me. However, if I understand you correctly I change the midi channels at the hardware - not within the software.
If this is the case, I have to figure out how to change the midi Chanel within the mackie.
Is this correct? Do you know how this is done?
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