Logic Pro 9 Changing patches in a MIDI file


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Hi there - I'm new, and I' desperate for an answer. I've downloaded a MIDI file that I need to do some work on. Essentially, I need to change the instruments from the standard garageband EXS24 patches to some of my nicer sounding EWQL and NI instruments and patches, but every time I do this it refuses to play back the MIDI notes.

The the notes are still there if I open up the piano roll, and if I click on the piano at the side of the roll it does trigger the samples, but if I press play it does not.


Things I've tried:

1) Opening event editor and deleting any non-note data.
2) Copying the MIDI data into a new channel

If you know how to fix this, or if there's a simple workaround, I'd be SO grateful. Thank you in advance!


It looks as a "Program Change" (PC) issue, though you say that you have deleted all non-note data. Apart of many Logic pro trainers' advices regarding the multiple SMF midi events deletion via the Event List (which takes lots of manual work and time) I will offer an batch deletion method...
Try this:
Select all SMF regions in the Arrange and create a Transform Window setting or Template shown in the image below. Note: The Transform "Mode" is set to "Delete selected events" !
Hit - "Select & Operate" button which will batch delete all PCs of the all regions in one go!