Logic Pro 9 changing the characteristics of loops


Hi, Still relatively new to logic pro 9. Re using loops.There are two types, one with green background which can display the notes and can be edited/amended, and the other on a blue background which appears as a wave form and appears to have very little editing potential. So, is it possible to change the sound of a 'blue' loop, for example, to change the pitch of a guitar chord, from say a Dm to an Am etc or its rhythm or even alter some of the notes within the chord.


Peter Ostry

Staff member
Green loops are MIDI loops. They do not contain sound; they contain notes which play a software instrument. Therefore these loops are on instrument tracks.

Blue loops are audio loops. They contain a recorded audio signal. Therefore they are on audio tracks.


In general, MIDI can be edited in the Piano Roll, Score- and List Editor. Audio can be edited in the Sample Editor. Both types of material can be altered by effects in their channelstrips.

Loops you got from the loop browser are a special form. Please consult the Logic manual to learn about working with these loops.