Logic Pro 9 Changing the look of logic

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some time ago, there was a post about changing the look of the mixer and some colour in logic. Something with changing the tiffs in the logic resource file. I can´t find the post, can someone help?
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Here you go:


I might be accused of being over cautious, and by no means do I want to be seen to be critical of anyone who would like to make some changes to logic's appearance. I think it is praiseworthy that Edgar helps us all out the way he does.

But I don't want to post this link without some words of warning:

1) I would never, ever make any such changes to Logic's UI on a Mac I need for work. While it is highly unlikely that swapping tiff files could cause any problems, ultimately, if they do you are on your own.

2) If you do decide to do this, make sure to back up everything beforehand.

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You can, of course, change the color of the background without changing the TIFF files.

That's built right into the program. You can pick any color.

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But seriously, your advice about backing up is correct, move a copy of your Logic app to some other place so you can retrieve the original tiff files when you need them.

I'm using the customized images now for for more than a year in L8 and now in L9 and couldn't see any side effects. The only side effect I'm observing is an increase of productivity and fun when working with Logic professionally 12-14h a day.

Here is a link to a longer thread with links and images from other Logic users with their own GUI mods. After all it all comes down to personal preferences and taste. If it works for you, use it - if not, ignore it.


Have fun


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