Logic Pro 9 Changing the sample rate



I needed to combat some latency so I needed to change the sample rate of the session, As I was already on a small buffer size.
So I converted what audio files I had and then changed the sample rate in project settings.
But everything was playing back at half time (is that a term-Half time?).
Or was it double time? Oh I forget it's late.......

44.1KHz up to 88.2KHz


For a particular buffer I/O Setting as measured in samples, doubling the project sample rate will roughly halve the latency as measured in milliseconds. For example, using a Fireface 800 with my Mac Book Pro, the round trip latency at 128 samples and 44,1 kHz is listed in Logic's Audio Preferences as 7.3 ms. Switching the sample rate to 88,2 kHz, the latency value is then stated as being 3.6 ms. It should of course be borne in mind that this comes at a substantially higher cost in terms of CPU and HD usage.

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Yes, but I would have thought you'd get the same result by halving the buffer size. Wouldn't there be a similar CPU hit either way, but reducing the buffer is less hassle.
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