Logic Pro 9 Changing time sigs, ongoing.


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New poster here.

Long time Logic User, but I admit stuff like this drives me crazy and trying to read the manual puts me to sleep.

Anyway, I have a tune that I'd like to record properly but I realized after trying to record it in straight 4/4 time that I have an extra beat in the last bar of the main phrase, so the time would be 4/4 for three bars, then 5/4 for the last. Is there any easy way to get this into Logic 9 section by section (by section I mean a grouping three 4/4 bars followed by a 5/4 bar = 1 section)? 17/4 just won't work (too messy for me)...

Many thanks....
when I have to do this, I just stop the playhead on the bar where the time sig needs to change, and then change it in the transport windown. Jump the playhead to the next bar and change it back.
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I've worked with time signature changes for a long time and did try to find an easier way, but couldn't find it.
The easiest thing I can do is, I make sure the measures and all locations of the time signature changes in the song and then I put the changes in the session file, which is the same way as doofus does. If you have some repetition parts with time signature changes, you can do copy paste. It really helps than to put everything one by one
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Seems to work form me when the time signature ruler (under global) is displayed. (Sorry I don't have the exact name, Logic is in french on my MB).

I had a song pattern consisting of 2 bars of 7/4, 1 bar of 6/4 and 1 bar of 4/4.

I opened the signature ruler, then selected all (cmd-a), copied, placed the playhead where I wanted the pattern repeated and pasted.

Or alternatively, you can set the locators to the section you want to duplicate, go to menu Edit and use the function in the sub menu that allows you to repeat the section that's within the locators. (Sorry again if I can't point you to the exact name of the function.)
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You can actually add/edit time signatures 4 ways in Logic......

Play head location: adjust signature in transport bar
Score editor: drag to location and edit value
Signature list: Create signature at playhead or copy/paste
Global Signature track: pencil tool, copy/paste, or option drag selection.

And I might of missed something....
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If you can edit velocity values or event locations in the list, you can handle time signature changes. They show up in a list just like midi notes. Just create them (somehow using one of the methods already mentioned) and then use the list to copy/paste and make sure they all line up at correct bar markers.

I find that this list view of the time signature events is the only thing that makes sense to me, even though Logic displays it a bunch of different ways.
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