Logic Pro 9 Channel Strips


First post, can't believe I never found you before!

Does anyone know if there is a resource out there selling or offering pro quality channel strips for Logic 8/9?

Thanks in advance for the help,

I know there is at least one company, but the name is escaping me. I had a holiday promo email and can't find it. will post if i do.
Thanks for the replies!

I'm specifically looking for channel strips for vocals and mastering.

Checked out the Orwell site I may have to purchase one just to see the quality.

I'm really a little surprised that there is not a bigger market for this...

Perhaps everyone is using Waves, McDSP, Sonivox, T-Rex, etc. etc.

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Thanks for the replies~

Channel Strip looks like a winner, can't believe I've not paid more attention to Metic Halo (one of those companies you see here and there but sort of stays in your periphery).

Any other Logic Chanel Strip sites?

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