Logic Pro 8 channel strips


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hi guys, i would like to use a channel strip within logic 8, 10.4 (pre intel), i tryd the reason mixer, that was cool, but that was a pc stand alone demo, which wont work on macs let alone old ones!!! ima newbie to so go easy!
when somone gets a chance.
Uh, your request is a little.. unusual.

What exactly are you asking? You would like to set up a require device from Reason into Logic? Or something else?

A list with specific computer/OS and versions of additional apps is required to do anything, so please add them in.

in other words: ask a more specific question and let us know what gear you have so we can suggest a solution, ok?
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hi mr legeriii, ive got this power mac 1.1, 10.4 on tiger (i know!!!) but its a nice mechine, and this might sound kinda funny, but id like to use a channel strip within the logic mixer you can find EQ's ,comps, Fx's and all that but no channel strip. i apriciate that your making up a channel strip as you build up the channel with stuff, but maybe im just old skool! i like how the reason record mixing desklooks and sounds but that programme dosnt work on pre INTEL mac mechines.
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Actually it did in the past, so if you get the correct versions of Logic, reason, and rewire you should be good to go.

BUT the current version of Reason is intel only, and that's the one that incorporated the older Record app into the old reason, that became Reason 6. Time to buy a second hand older intel Mac Pro.. shouldn't cost too much, and it will let you do this.
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just seen the pics of your op' hope you and your wife are cool, i drew the same conclusion, these macs are abit confuusing, and i dont wont to run in to the upgrade brick wall, like the one that im looking at!!!!! ill try gettin hold of a 2009 mechine,and just hope that i can get afew years use out of it till then ill just be learning with this one.

the uk wishes you well,
stay cool!
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