Logic Pro 9 cheap audio interface


Having just bought Logic for my daughter, she's got stuck in, has worked through the tutorials and is starting to work on a project imported from GB.
When she records in GB she only hears the backing by choosing to turn the monitor off, not her voice, but with Logic she hears her voice as she records.
Question 1: can she turn the monitoring off in Logic? On my system I press the 'I' key and I can still hear the input mic. so I can;t suggest that.
I have suggested simply clicking the 'mute' button.
The reason that's a problem ( I think) is that she's singing into an iMic and only has one set of outputs for her Logitech (quite small) speakers.
Is there a way to be able to switch between headphones and speakers without unplugging the speakers?

I would guess that she could connect headphones to the output socket on her iMac.

I use a proper audio interface etc for my studio but she has no spare cash and wants to get on by her bootstraps :)



I have suggested simply clicking the 'mute' button.

Yes, that should do the trick, either mute or pull the fader down for the vocal track.

And don't forget to enable the audio preference that allows for separate playback and recording levels. That way she can pull the fader down when she is recording, and then it will snap back up when in playback mode. I do this all the time when I am using direct monitoring.
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Pete Thomas

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For cheap and most cheerful I find Sennheiser HD205 at about £25 are OK. Thin lead on them though, I replaced with a heavy duty lead. I would have thought that one of the better Chinese companies such as samson would also be OK, but haven't tried them.
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