Logic Pro 9 Choosing Which Tracks Are Shown When Tracking


This is a bit complicated so I hope it makes sense. I have a song written by someone else with roughly 25 MIDI tracks playing back in various EXS24 instruments. I am retracking many of these with real instruments. When tracking the bass part, I want to see the score for that track from the MIDI info. So, for the bass, I create a mono audio track, set it to record, select the existing MIDI track for the bass and open it in the score editor in the bottom half of the screen. The problem is that as soon as I press record, a different track appears in the score editor. Looking at the track headers in the project panel, no others are selected, set to record, or have any setting I can see that is any different from the rest. Only the bass MIDI track is selected, and only the new audio track is armed.

How do I get a specific track to show in the score editor in the bottom half of the screen while I'm in record mode on a different track?
You probably need to change the link mode for the score window.

At the top left of many windows in Logic, there's a little chain (link) icon. In Score, there are 3 modes. When the chain is grey, the score is not linked to another window eg the Arrange. With a single click, the link turns to Same level mode - the window will follow the level you're in (ie if you're using folders in Arrange). With a double-click, the icon turns yellow and you're in Content mode - the window will follow and display the selected track or region in Arrange.

So, what you could do is this:
Double-click the link icon (it should be yellow), then select your bass part in Arrange. The Score will now show that part. Click the link button again to switch it off (grey).

You can now record and the Score will keep displaying the bass part as you intended.
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