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A friend of mine has a question concerning score and chords. He has an arrangement where he has created a chord track which already have been identified by the global chord track feature in arrange.
Is it possible to import the global chord track (from arrange) into score so you don't have to input the chords manually.
I never use score and haven't been able to find anything in the manual about this so I figure that it's probably not possible but I thought that I'd post it here before telling him that he have to do the job manually.
Score menu:

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be aware that chords entered from the global chord track are not quite the same as chords entered manually! For one thing - they won't transpose if you transpose the track .

eg. I always create a special track just to contain all my chords , text, rehearsal letters etc.

I then copy this to the various transposing instruments.

This won't work with global track-sourced chords

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Inserting chords from the global track is completely and utterly broken in Logic 9. It pastes in some surreal variation of the chords that bears absolutely no relationship to the actual chords. It's almost like some serial or 12 tone form of humor secretly planted in there by Gerhard or Chris for them to have a laugh at us as we try to use it :brkwl:
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While we're on the subject of inserting chords in score derived from the global chord track, doing this in Logic Express 8 results in a lot of changes to the GLOBAL TRACK named transposition. any MIDI events added or moved after the pasting become altered according to this reference line. It beats me why this has to happen, can anyone point me in the direction of a readable explanation? The user manual does mention this but I cannot make sense of it

My workaround is to create a separate project named "project name (Score)" solely for printing score with chords, Once the chord track is created in the main project I move it away to the (score) project file.
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