Cinematique Instruments - A unique Instr Library


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Hi there,

please let me introduce a very new instrument library of rare and special instruments.

The library contains wonderful string sounds such as an AUTOHARP and a KANTELE and keyboard instruments like a RHODES MARK I, a REHEARSAL PIANO, and special processed low-cost-keyboards. There are also some new, specially created instruments (percussion & mallets) such as GLASS, LIDS,HANDRAIL and a METALLIC KITCEHN. For Cinematique Instruments it's of utmost importance to make all instruments & patches playable in a natural and organic way.
Cinematique Instruments is a library full of expressive and unique tools for people who are writing music, no matter what kind of music.
Pricing for individual instruments starts at €5.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for posting the link. Are those your demo songs that are featured? If so, they're really nice and the instruments are fabulous! They're also reasonably priced. I'm a film composer and will buy most of them in the near future!