Logic Pro 9 Clearing RAM


A friend of mine has a problem with the RAM not clearing very well.
He works with big RAM-hungry stuff like Hollywood Strings and he tells me that when he audition sounds the RAM doesn't go down again after abandoning the sound.
Ie he loads a set of violins, doesn't like them and instead loads a different set of violins. He tells me that the first violins are still kept (to some degree) in the RAM. This is a problem because he works with very large scores and his machine is already having a hard time in spite of being an 8-core with 16GBs of RAM.
Is there a way to clear all not used RAM. The reorganizing feature in Logic doesn't do it he tells me. This could of course also be "Play" related but I seem to remember the same thing happens when using Kontakt but in that plugin there is an icon that makes it visible.
I remember that this has been discussed previously but I can't remember how it ended up.
Oh I should say that he is using Logic 9.16 on Snow Leopard, and he doesn't write himself because his English is not great (and he's more a musician that a technician)
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