Logic Pro 9 Click issues in Arrange


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I'm encoutering this weird bug since this morning. After a while I'm not able to click anywhere in the arrange section. I can't click on my tracks to rearrange them, I can't click let say on the loop box, I can't click on my inserts to change my effets. It seems the options are still available cause the keybord shortcuts work but I just can't click them. Also, in my LIST menu, I can't select the midi infos there (like volumes etc...) I think it might be related to midi SMTPE since I'v start working with midi today and the bug appeard. I imported a midi file i created in Finale PrintMusic 2009. If I open a new project, It doesn't solve the problem. I have to log out of my account and log in again and start Logic again. Any idea?! Thanks!


I'm gonna' take a stab in the dark here - do you have the new Logic 9 pointer tool behavior set to switch between pointer, marquee, and fade zones? If so, that could be your problem. It's very easy to accidentally make a microscopic marquee click inadvertently. And if so, that could account for the strange behavior. OTOH, that may have nothing to do with your problem.....
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