Logic Pro X Click tracks and Markers Import/Export


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Im trying to learn how to easily import/export Tempo & Marker information for click tracks. Im using Logic Pro X 10.5

I have managed to export a tempo map by creating a midi region (single note) on a software instrument track, then selecting all data and doing a ‘Export Midi’. How do i do this with an Audio click stem that has tempo info in the global tracks section. Where do i create a midi region?

Also marker information imports correcting if i do a ‘File/open’ on the .mid file, however if i do a ‘Import Midi’ within the project i don't see any markers? Just the tempo guide.

Any help on how best to import/export Tempo Maps/Markers is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance



Tempo information is embedded in audio files recorded in or bounced in Logic.

- Set the cycle range
- Open the mixer and select All to reveal the Click track
- Turn on the metronome
- Activate Bounce from the Stereo Out channel strip