Logic Pro 9 Click


Appreciate the feedback. I guess I should have been more clear in my question. What I need is a recordable click track, to actually make a click track for the session. Thanks.
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Peter Ostry

Staff member
You can record the Klopfgeist click but maybe you prefer to make your own. Just put some MIDI notes in a region and trigger a software instrument of your choice. Or use a loop that grooves a bit, depending on the type of music. The steady mechanical click is not always the best. Then, preferably, record a couple of measures to an audio track and duplicate them there.

If you have tempo changes and a fixed arrangement, you can make an instrument click for the whole piece and record it to an audio track. I don't know exactly why, but I always prefer an audio click. It is easy to make, you just send the instrument to a bus and on an audio track you record from this bus.
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