Logic Pro 9 clickless quantisation


On a 7-minute track, recorded without click, I played a LH keyboard phrase in eight-notes throughout. I was also doing other stuff with the RH :)

THe LH is slightly irregular in places. I can synch key beats with the drummer, but would like a way to even out the eighths in between.

I can't re-clock the song as I have to send the edited file back to the engineer, who has the project unclocked - we need to both be at the same master tempo throughout for my regions to fit his project.

I could get around this by ensuring that all my files are consolidated to beat 1, but he objects to this as it means longer downloads and larger files.

My workaround would be to view the events in hyperedit and manually adjust mistimed notes, but in L9.1 between-screen linkages are broken.

So I might have to go back to L8.

any other ideas?

the most useful tool would be one that calculated even spacing between key events.

cheers, pete